Monday, 30 November 2015

FREE EBOOK: 4 Top Tips For Your Internal Communications

In a world where we are bombarded with information, we need to make our comms stand out.

According many surveys, employee communications is something that many companies are struggling with.

But no matter your company size or industry, these 4 tips should really improve your employee communications.

You will learn the following things:

  1. - Making your employee communications stand out 
  2. - Identify the best comms strategy for your employees 
  3. - How to communicate effectively and easily 
  4. - How to engage employees in different locations 

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4 tips for improving internal communications
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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How to deal with a boss who yells?

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Alex Ferguson, Stanley Kubrick, the great conductor Toscanini, Herbert von Karajan and many others, have a deserved reputation for bosses who are not friends. Raising the voice of subordinates is an integral part of their leadership style.

Professor Robert Sutton from Stanford and the author of "The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't” though do not condemn these leaders and managers. He thinks it is their way to express care and concern to employees and their work.

Boss who yells at work

In the most successful companies, where energy and creativity are essential, often happen conflicts and talks to be loudly conducted, expressing feelings with faster intensity. Talking out loud is a sign of high expectations.

There are many examples in the army, sports, movies, science, and music for authoritative people who yell, and at the same time are efficient and outstanding professionals in their work. It follows a logical question:

How can such a rough relationship with employees to give good results?

There are several explanations for raising the tone of their voice:

  • - The foreman thinks that on this way he shows authority and sincerely believes that only by increasing the voice will keep his employees fit. 
  • - It uses to direct attention, instilling greater loyalty. 
  • - The head can speak with a high tone and demonstrate its superiority, hierarchy, power and authority.
  • - The personality of the manager may be authoritative, while humiliation and insult to carry him joy (aggressive personality type). Aggressive behavior is considered as a deviation from the norm and effective for people who want to obey and comply with them at any price. For these personalities, the level of decibels is the smallest problem - they usually have serious personal and professional problems. It is characteristic that they began to shout interlocutor in order to achieve goals, enjoying the consequences of aggression.
  • - Increasing the voice may be associated with maintaining high confidence and affirmation of their own importance.
  • - High tone and loud communication can be part of the corporate culture of the company.
The list could be extended. But let's look at how this access is perceived by subordinates. Everyone found himself at least once in a situation asking this question: "Why the chief shouted at me?”

Then, the workplace starts to weigh you, and you’re thinking about leaving, but this job suits you and you’re confused whether you want to go. The answers to the questions "What do I want from this work" and "What’s my goal" will help you decide what to do further: whether to remain silent or to change the way of communication. Here's what you can do if you bother the high voice of the head:

  • - Show that shouting bothers you 
  • - When again your manage will shout about something, it would be wise to first thank for the information or praise, and then tell him that his way of communication reduces the effectiveness at work. 
  • - Ask "Why?" 
  • - Ask peaceful “Why do you shout at me?” The logic requires turning on the mind and turning off emotions. Sometimes, such a logical question saves hours of explanations. 

Always talk peacefully, balanced and with steady voice. Passive behavior provokes affirmation of the moment and the situation will be repeated continuously without a lack of response from your side.
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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

15 companies that offer cool employee benefits

In year 2014, it’s already well known that benefits enhance the productivity and morale of employees, and the best examples are companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo.

There are some companies other than above-mentioned, that really know how to engage their staff providing cool benefits. This is a list of the most interesting benefits and the companies that offer them.

List of 15 companies that offer coll benefits to its staff

1. MillerCoors - Employees of the company that manufactures beer, test the product after working hours in pubs in Chicago and Milwaukee. Even 13 kinds of beers are available to MillerCoors’ employees.

2. - More than 2,000 employees of the company that sells shoes online have at their disposal a life coach every working day from 9am to 17pm. Great isn’t it?

3. S. C. Johnson - Company engaged in cleaning products, offer its 12 0000 employees assistant services to perform their daily duties, from returning books to the library to go to dry cleaners.

4. Intuit - The Californian software company has 7,000 employees and last year generated profits of 7.5 billion dollars. This sum might not have been so great if employees were not given vouchers of $350 for dance, pilates or gym.

5. Loadspring Solutions - This project management company gives its employees $5,000 and an additional week of vacation if you travel abroad. Not surprisingly, the profit of the company for the past six years has risen 75%.

6. Cisco - Californian technology company, whose annual income is 42 billion US dollars, provide its employees car services twice a week.

7. DPR Constructions - Building company allows consumption of wine in all 17 offices in Redwood City, California, and in Austin, Texas is located a shop for wine.

8. Reward Gateway – The UK based company deals with employee engagement itself. For its employees across 3 continents and 6 offices enables lottery once per month.

 9. Genentech - Biotech company enables keeping the dogs of busy employees, and there are even 11,600. Forbes ranked this company as first in 2006 for its list of best employers.

10. Mattel and Hasbro - This toy manufacturer obviously knows how to play because its employees are working part-time every Friday through the whole year.

11. Morningstar - The leading company in the field of independent investment research provides its employees holidays for a period of six weeks every four years.

12. Chesapeake - The second largest US natural gas producer, which last year made a profit of $8 billion, offers free diving course as a benefit.

13. IAS - Employees of the company that deals with green IT solutions, receive a grant of $10,000 for the purchase of hybrid vehicles.

14. SAS Institute - This software company offer employees all beauty and hair services, so they have no excuses to come to work messy.

15. Zynga - The director of this popular company for its 1,300 employees once a month, organize a poker night with a professional staff and a lot of interesting prizes.

All these benefits are cool right? Do you have another example of organization that boosts employee engagement with non-standard benefits? Even maybe in the company you work for? Share it with us!
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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Introduce Gaming in the Office to Increase Staff Productivity

In many workplaces around the world, playing video games is prohibited, which is completely logical, because "working time" refers to the time when employees should be working.
But if ever employers believe that games are the biggest killer of productivity, there is some fresh news for them - the games at work are actually useful. Psychologists came to the conclusion that companies should encourage playing computer games at work, not to prohibit, as it increases productivity, reduces absences and relaxes better than surfing the Internet.

Video Games Increase Employee Productivity

Computer games during a short break after the hard work that requires great concentration, are a great way to relax. They encourage rapid psychological recovery after boring routine, and are kind and prevention of many diseases that occur as a result of stress in the workplace, according to recent studies.
Scientists from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands did research among 60 employees at a famous German insurance company. Some of the employees were allowed over a month, one hour of the working day to devote to playing games. The results showed that these workers have become more productive and more satisfied and developed a more positive attitude towards work.

Double benefits: For employers and employees

Games can be very useful if used strategically and functionally as develop competitive spirit, according to Professor Jeffrey Goldstein. It workplace could mean increased sales and competitiveness of the company and for the employee means increased productivity and less stress and fatigue.
Relaxation through computer games takes just as much time for coffee break, and is far more useful, says Professor Goldstein. It allows extenuating circumstances back from vacation to work and makes very painless return. One party "Solitare" with a few clicks of the cards is an effective strategy to break the job monotony and charge the batteries.

Business "lessons" of computer games

Scientists who studied the positive impact of computer games on productivity claim they also allow easier understanding of the "rules of the business game", if you see the work as game with obstacles, levels and "queens" who need to pass. Work projects are similar to those missions in the games - you have catchy that you need to pass using different skills, knowledge and good strategy.
If "Angry birds" need a different and more complex strategy for each new level, and the work responsibilities you need to choose the right way to achieve the desired goal.
"Final Fantasy", on the other hand, with its recording of all the tasks could be your example of keeping a diary of work and a useful guide to future projects.
Everything you need to remember is that there should not exaggerate the whole day to devote to playing games, because, you know, you have nowhere to "break out" increased productivity. The type of game is not as important as the need to relax and brighten the workday. Well, for this reason, we have our PlayStation 3 and Mortal Kombat serves us "bloody" increased competition and fighting spirit :)
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Monday, 19 May 2014

The secret to greater productivity among employees

This Infographic by Entrepreneur provides a review of how companies with smart use of social media can improve internal communication within the company, sharing documents and collaboration among employees.

Infographic - The secret to greater productivity among employees

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to Improve Communication in the Workplace?

Effective employee communication is a key element of success in any business. In the area of exchange of information (data communication), broadband technology has led to significant improvements. The very term "broadband" is used to describe a high-speed internet connection, or the one that enable you to create websites without a lot of waiting, while e-mails are sent and received quickly, with the ability to send large amounts of data in addition to email.

Communication in the Workplace
Nowadays time, when time saving means saving funds, and often the speed of information transfer and data depends on the success of the business, have an internet connection is not only worth it, but it is necessary. Savings will cover the cost of internet connections in time and resources, because fast data transfer, perform tasks more efficiently. Employees can communicate by e-mail, which directly reduces the cost of phone and postal services.

Broadband can be used for video chats via computer networks using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The most important advantage of this technology is that all these calls are free because you pay only the cost of internet connection. There are also several software solutions that rely on VoIP, the best known among them is certainly Skype (Skype) that you can use with computers, as well as the smart phones that have 3G connection.

With the use of broadband, your business can become more flexible and better adapted to the needs of employees and your customers. For example, you can install a virtual private network (VPN - virtual private networks), through which employees in the company have access to the corporate network and the outside of the office. In addition, video conferencing and work in larger groups of people who are in more places will significantly reduce travel expenses and courier services.

Workplace communication

The first step in establishing broadband internet is choosing the right internet service provider - ISP.
Here are some questions that you might consider before you decide to give the trust a particular internet service provider.

  • Select a service, which offers all the services you need and double check the offer as some providers offer unlimited email addresses, Web Hosting, spam filters unwanted and anti-virus protection. 
  • In addition, remember that perhaps not all broadband services are available in your area. 
  • Check the reputation of providers, because a good reputation is the best guarantee that you will not regret it in the future you provider does not meet your expectations. If possible, attempt to hear a recommendation from satisfied customers. It is best to opt for the shortest contract, which is generally one year, in order to avoid too tied to one service provider, especially if you are not satisfied.
  • Check what the costs for technical support are. Some providers offer special rates for support, but it is important to check whether it is available 24 hours. 

Mobile phones can also be employed to help improve services and increase productivity. With the help of mobile phones, employees can work outside the office while they stay in touch with other employees and customers. Mobile networks, as we have said, are increasingly used for more than just calls. All mobile devices increased data rates, which led to the development of 'smart' "or smartphones and tablet computers.

Services of mobile technologies such as text and multimedia messaging, GPS locating system and 3G internet connections offer additional ways of networking mobile phone, especially in areas where cable and wireless connections are available. Smart phones and other mobile devices allow direct access to the Internet, business applications, email, and other services.

The future success of business depends on the acceptance of new technologies and business forms. That is why you need to analyze your business well and make development strategy and to choose the type of technology that will best meet your needs.

Visit Employee Communication category to find more related articles.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Creating a positive work environment

The working environment is the most critical factor in maintaining employee satisfaction in today's business world. Managers need to create a work environment where people enjoy what they do, be proud of what they do and always have a clear goal in front of you.
In order to encourage full engagement of employees and achieve optimum in business, it is necessary to determine the proper way of motivation. Salary increase or promotions are not the only options. It is necessary to determine the real causes of employee dissatisfaction and accordingly select appropriate measures. Many companies hire experts to develop a program that will have a holistic approach, providing full access to all the needs of employees, and thus establish parameters for compliance.

Positive Working Environment

From traditional to new forms of work

Needs of employees are determined with respect to their work experience, age, marital status and family size, because different benefits should be given to different people. For example, young people can be motivated by the company to get a car to use, while older people appreciate more the better status of the job or the opportunity to become members of professional associations. The list of professional privilege can be unrestricted. Scholarships, loans, official car, division of profits, legal assistance, employee discounts, flexible work schedules, child care employees, extra vacation or an extended vacation, traveling at the expense of the company, recreation programs, payment of dues for professional associations, establishing special cash prizes for the most productive workers are just some of the possibilities.
The responsibility of managers is large and located on all levels of the organization, in order to transform businesses from traditional to new forms of work and organization. Managers, therefore, need to create a work environment where people enjoy what they do, be proud of what they do and always have a clear goal.
The management of the company must respect claims of employees in order to achieve the expected business results. Accordingly, in the past few years, one-third of managers changed their mind about the importance of corporate culture and more coming to the conclusion that the work environment most critical factor in maintaining satisfaction in today's business world.

The strategy of identification

Until six years ago, in the United States was thought that the reward system is most important in maintaining employee satisfaction. Among the surveyed managers, 47% put in the first place the importance of the reward system, and barely 9% of the working environment. However, today companies are quite different in the U.S. compared to that period. Moreover, there is nothing in common comparing today’s companies and companies in the eighties.
The culture is changing very fast. In the past, it was almost impossible to persuade the employees to speak, and now you can just ask them for their opinion and they immediately respond. In Japan, unlike the U.S., have long familiarized view that managers have much time to spend in informal conversations with employees on many issues, even those that are not directly related to the job. All this is done in order to achieve greater intimacy between managers and employees, greater openness in communication and encourage a desire to work and explore together. Opening communication between workers and managers contribute to the development environment of sharing responsibility. Therefore, it is a holistic approach that is based on a strategy of identification of employees with the company they work for. This strategy is consistent and fits into the Japanese culture, which is characterized by collectivism and the desire to avoid uncertainty. A large number of experts believe that the Japanese are increasingly combining Western techniques with traditional Japanese attitudes and behavior that creates a flexible and productive working environment.

The development is a question of culture

Among the needs of employees dominates one that their contribution is rewarded and highly valued, and then to allow them professional development and lifelong learning, and participation in decisions that affect them, and to ensure greater accountability and independence to work for those who they want to.
Creating a positive working environment and increasing satisfaction among employees, will enable the best foundation to well-placed assignments in an appropriate and effective way of realizing. Consequently, countries that do not implement this change in the culture of companies are increasingly lagging behind because development is not a matter of technology, steam or markets, but the question - culture.
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